About CoCoLink
Hi, everyone!

We are the innovator of high-performance-computing technology.
And develope and manufacture 'very-high-performance' computers, peripherals and softwares.
We offer the most powerful ‘Total Solution’ for very high-performance computing.
We have the best know-how in the field of HPC computing business with over 30 years of experience. And we will also satisfy you with superior technology and innovative ideas.
Our products have been surprising the world with great attention. They are currently sold through distributors in Korea and the United States.

CoCoLink is
HPC H/W developer and manufacturer.
HPC Application manufacturer.
Total vHPC Solution Provider.
Exa-scale Computing Pioneer.

What we do
High-performance System Development
- CPU Board/Module & System
- PCIe Fabric Enhanced System
- High Bandwidth Interconnection
- High-speed Storage Subsystem
- Embedded HPC System

High-performance Processor Development
- High-efficiency Porcessor-core Design
- Massively Integrated Processor
- PCIe Fabric Enhanced System
- High Bandwidth Switch IC

Software Development
- Scientific/Engineering Application
- High-performance Platform for Big-data/Deep-learning
- Advanced Algorithm Development
- Code Migration & Optimization

HPC Manufacturing
- High Performance Computing Server/Node
- Huge Scale Ready-built Cluster System
- Rack and Cooling Subsystem
- OEM/ODM Manufacturing

Software Development & Consulting
- Scientific/Engineering Application Development
- Programming Education and Training
- Huge Scale Cluster Build-up Consulting

- Research for HPC and Application
- Scientific/Engineering Application Commercialization
- Special Purpose System Development
- Code migration and optimization Service
- Special Algorithm Research & Development

HPC Maintenance
- System Recovery/Maintenance
- Traning/Education for System Maintenance

LEE, Dong-Hak, President and Founder
- 30 years Technical and Business Experience
- System Programmer & Computer Architecture Designer
- Machinery Designer

⚀ JO, HyunIk, VP/Business Promotion
⚁ LEE, Hea-Seong, Ph.D., CTO, Instrumental Design Joseph J. Park, Ph.D., CMO
⚂ SHIN Hyundai, Chief Engineer, Circuit Design., 25 years
⚂ Joseph J. Park, Ph.D., CMO

- Seoul Techno Holdings (Seoul National University)
- Technical Advisory Group (20+ Professors)

      2015 Klimax-210(20 GPU HPC) Release & Mass Production
      2012 Member of Seoul Techno Holdings(Seoul National University)
CliC 80000(8GPU/MIC Supercomputing Server) Release
      2011 GPU based Personal Super Computer (8 GPU HPC) Mass Production
      2008 Start developing GPGPU based Personal Super Computer(~16TFLOPS)
      2001 Incorporated ‘CoCoLink’

Contact Us
        info@cocolink.co.kr,   +82-2-878-3932

        Global Business:
        Jason Donjo Ha,   djha@cocolink.co.kr,   +82-10-9454-7455
Head Office Pyeongchang Bd. 3F, 1596-6, NakSeongDae, GwanAk, Seoul, KOREA (08791)
Phone: +82-2-878-3932    Fax: +82-2-885-3896     Mail: info@cocolink.co.kr
US Office 3003 North First Street #207, San Jose, CA 95134, USA
Phone: (408)579-5755