Welcome to CoCoLink!

High Performance Computing(HPC) is transforming the world.
HPC is used around the world in various fields such as industry, commerce, academy, military & defence, security, health, space and etc.
In the future, the HPC will become more important part of the world to make human life better.

CoCoLink is specialized in super-computing as high performance computing with advanced technologies and innovative ideas.
CoCoLink is the innovator of very high performance computing(vHPC) technology, and is a developer and manufacturer of vHPC as exa-scale computing pioneer in the true sense of the word.

CoCoLink has devoted itself to the development and dissemination of GPU Centric Computing methodology and currently has a worldwide technological competitive power by developing a technology of mounting up to 20 GPUs in a node.
CoCoLink will not stop progressing, for the future of computer technology.