Meet the extreme performance computing system with innovative CoCoLink's architecture.
Since 2012, CoCoLink has opened a new generation of computing system that can be equipped with more than 10 of GPU accelerators. CoCoLink offers the HPC systems for various area such as the Computational fluid dynamics, Solid mechanics, Deep Learning and cryptography, very high performance DBMS, etc.
All products of CoCoLink offer scalability, compatibility and reliability. It also provides a variety of solutions for all your needs.
The Klimax-210 is a computing system with new architecture which is economical and also offers great performance. It has 20 of PCIe Gen3 x16 slots that can be installed up to 20 GPU accelerators. PCIe Fabric Subsystem Board designed specifically for all PCIe slots has the complete P2P functionality. Klimax-210 is designed for general-purpose usage. The Klimax-210 supports various PCIe Gen 3.0 x16 devices such as GPU, MIC, NVMe SSD, Raid Controller and Infiniband Host Channel Adapter. You can experience powerful performance in Scientific/ Engineering Computational fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Computational Life Science, Earth & Space Science Etc.. In addition, you can use the business applications, such as 3D rendering and transcoding, DBMS, encryption and decryption through the Klimax-210.



CliC 80000 is a powerful and cost-effective GPU computing server that can be installed up to 8 GPU accelerators. All GPUs have the complete P2P function over the PCIe Fabric Subsystem. CliC 80000 has built-in Infiniband FDR (56Gbps) HCA for Interconnect. It enables stable operation. CliC 80000 has high stability due to power supply of 3,000W (1,500W + 1,500W) and six 120mm cooling fan.

CliC 80000
HPC System for GPU Centric Computing

- Klimax-210, Extrem Performance Server System with 20 Devices (2014) [ PDF Download ]
          for Scientific/Engineering Computation, High-speed Storage Server, GPU DBMS Server, etc.

- Klimax-W50, High Performance Workstation with 5 PCIe x16 slots (2016)

- Klimax-240, 24 slots Extrem Performance Server System with 1:2 blocking switch (2017)

- Klimax-360, 36 slots Extrem Performance Server System with non-blocking switch (2018)

- Klimax-720, 72 slots Extrem Performance Server System with non-blocking switch (2020)

- CliC 80000, 8 GPU HPC with PCIe Fabric (2011) [ PDF Download ]
          World-first-PCIe-fabric-applied System, full function P2P support

Conventional HPC System

- Klimax-902, Dual Node Dual Xeon 1U Server (2016)

- Klimax-910, Ten Node Dual Xeon Blade Server (2016)

Clustering System

- Klimax-C18, Ready-built Cluster up to 0.5 PetaFLOPS(Rpeak) with 18 nodes in a double rack(84U)

- Klimax-C36, Ready-built Cluster up to 1.0 PetaFLOPS(Rpeak) with 36 nodes in a Quadruple rack(168U)

- Klimax-XS, Scalable Cluster up to 1,000 PetaFLOPS(Rpeak) with 25,000 nodes
          Up to 700 PetaFLOPS(Rmax) is available now with 25,000 of 16-GPUed Klimax-210s

CoCoLink provides high-performance peripherals products for your HPCs and clustering system for extreme performance. All products are prepared with high stability and efficiency.

Collab-SSD/16, High-speed PCIe-SSD storage

Collab SSD is High Speed storage adapter with a powerful read/write bandwidth. It can be equipped with up to 16 of M.2 SSDs for making up to 12GB/s bandwidth. Klimax-210 is available as high speed storage server with up to 163TB per a node through 20 of Collab-SSDs.

CoCoLink’s HPC products can create the high performance cluster with high performance Infiniband EDR Interconnect. It also provides a very efficient cooling system and RACK Series. Klimax-Rack Series (KR-D084, KR-Q168) are very powerful and economical choice.

High-performance Storage

- Collab-SSD (2015) : High performance SSD
          Up to 12GB/s(read/write) bandwidth, PCIe x16/Gen.3, Support up to 16 SSDs(M.2)

- Collab-LFS, LustreFS based Storage Servers with NAS Functions

IB Switch and HCAs

- 48/288/768 port Switch, Up to 25,000 port configuration

Rack and Cooling system

- KR-S042, Single Column 42U Rack
          9 Klimax-210s and 2 switch subsystems, 60kW PDU, 600(W) x 2,100(H) x 1,200(D)

- KR-D084, Double Column 84+4U Rack
          18 Klimax-210s and 4 switch subsystems, 120kW PDU, 1,250(W) x 2,100(H) x 1,250(D)

- KR-Q168, Quadruple Column 164+12U Rack
          Up to 36 Klimax-210s and 12 switch subsystems, 250kW PDU, 2,500(W) x 2,100(H) x 1,250(D)

- KC-xxxx, Optimal air-cooling or liquid-cooling susystem for large scale system
          100~10,000kW heat emission capability, High efficiency, Hybrid structure

CoCoLink provides HPC applications and facilities.
We are developing applications applying the GPU Centric Computing methodology, and helping the user to use the various applications. CoCoLink has held a number of software engineers for this purpose.

As first step, we release Luxol-OLED Simulator and Analyzer. And Several Applications are under development.

- Luxol OLED/Sim : High-performance OLED dipole orientation and light emitting efficiency Simulator
                            Luxol OLED/Sim provides multi-GPU computing capability.

Luxol-OLED/Analyzer is an analysis device for measureing OLED dipole orientation and the light emitting efficiency by light emission method.
Luxol-OLED/Analyzer is also the world's only analyzer that can measure the orientation of the dipole OLED. Users can easily analyze the OLED structure through the Luxol-OLED/Analyzer.
We recommend Luxol-OLED/Analyzor to users who develop OLED products and research luminous efficiency of OLED products.
Also, use a combination of High-performance OLED dipole orientation and the light emitting efficiency Simulator, Luxol-OLED/Sim.
Through this solutions, you can get the GPU support and proceed faster simulation.

- Luxol OLED/Analyzer

High-performance OLED simulator and analyzer

- Luxol OLED/Simulator, OLED Dipole simulator over GPU computation

- Luxol OLED/Analyzer, OLED Dipole analyzer

Many applications now on developing