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Luxol OGX
Luxol OGX
We received technology transfer from Seoul National University and succeeded in product development (NRDO)
This is an elastic wave data processing solution based on Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) technology for oil and gas exploration (Oil and Gas Exploration).
FWI technology minimizes Human Error to derive an ideal transition.

It based on FWI technology.
It is based on complete full-waveform-inversion(FWI) technology, not partial (reflection-based) FWI.
Compared to existing polymerization speed analysis (such as tomography inversion), or Reflection-based FWI (Hybrid) technology, it is possible to derive a much better underground structure.
-Thousands of times the amount of calculations required compared to the existing technology, but far superior results are produced.
-single FWI process is enough without having to go through many complex processes.

High-efficiency advanced programming technology delivers high performance.
Code transplantation and optimization to GPU has been completed to calculate using GPU.
With 16 GPUs (Geforce 1080 Ti), the klimax-210 delivers 2,000 times more performance than CPU cores. With 50 Klimax-210, commercial operations are fully operational.
Supports a variety of GPUs. We can improve the economy. Lower hardware costs, especially when applying a GPU in AMD.

Human-error Free
A system without human error ensures transparent output.
Minimize the use of human resources, reducing computational time relative to computing power.

Easy to use user interface.
GUI enables intuitive and easy operation.
It's very efficient compared to text-based command line operations.

product configuration
Name of the product : Luxol-OGX(Oil and Gas eXploration, Complete FWI Solution)
-Luxol-OGX Base(Workbench with Preprocessing)
-Luxol-OGX FWIH(Hybrid Domain Solver)
-Luxol-OGX FWILF(Laplace-Fourier Domain Solver)
-Luxol-OGX RTMHR(High-resolution Reverse Time Migration Solver)
-Luxol-OGX DPP(De-noise Processing Package, 2020)
-Luxol-OGX PST(Post-processing with Visualization 2020)
Version–p is available at least once a year from 2020.

Sales target
Non-Commercial: Educational, Non-profit Research Institute
Commercial: Major Petroleum Company
Winning data processing services maximizes profitability
Benchmark Data
The results were verified through various experiments and benchmarks.