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Luxol OLED
Luxol OLED
I received technology transfer from Seoul National University and succeeded in product development (NRDO)
World's most efficient (45%) OLED luminous element design work months → 2 weeks
4 minutes is enough to analyze the characteristics of the new light-emitting material entering the display.

Luxol-OLED/Simulator is a software that can simulate luminous efficiency according to OLED stacking structure, which can be set up in various structures. The Luxol-OLED/Simulator allows for more sophisticated calculations by setting up double-pole and dipole orientation, which were not supported by traditional luminous efficiency simulation programs. We can also support multiple GPU calculations to complete a very large number of calculations in a fraction of the time With Luxol-OLED/Simulator, users can minimize the production of samples and dramatically reduce development time and costs in developing OLED lighting and displays.

The Luxol-OLED/Analyzer is a measurement equipment for analyzing the orientation and luminous efficiency of OLED devices. In general, it was thought that the luminous polarity of OLED was not measurable in many laboratories and educational institutions, but the orientation of OLED light-emitting dipole can be measured by the user through Luxol-OLED/Analyzer. Luxol-OLED/Analyzer measures the orientation of light-emitting dipole by inducing light emitting through ultraviolet light in OLED devices and measuring the pattern by angle of light through the lens of semicircular cylinder. It enables a more accurate and faster light-emitting efficiency analysis compared to traditional field lighting.

GPU Centric Computing
We are applying methodologies to develop applications and help users use a variety of applications. The application of GCC dramatically increased calculation efficiency.