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OGX Data Processing Service
OGX Data Processing Service
Based on Luxol OGX and Klimax-PetaCube, the company provides a service to perform elastic wave data processing during the oil and gas exploration process.
After the De-noise process, the process of obtaining the transmission speed of the elastic wave within the crust is performed only with full waveform Inversion to save harm without Human Error and establish the boundary structure of each layer through Reverse Time Migration.
We are focusing on establishing our own technologies.

Elastic Wave Data Processing Based on FWI
Time Domain, Frequency Domain, Hybrid Domain, and more, all offer performance commensurate with the size of your AMD GPU significantly reduces hardware costs I can do it.
By default, data is processed in 3D and, if necessary, in 2D.
Data processing is possible.

Gain competency to perform services
We have established our own processing sequence.
Securing candidates for recruitment by field for required workforce I'm doing it.
At least 40% for services over 1,000 km2 of target
I'm looking forward to more profit margins.